What can Numerology do for you?

Numerology reveals your purpose and mission in this lifetime.

It provides clues to past lives and themes that the soul has been working towards perfecting.

It reveals the inner self and inner child and how these shape your reality, start end ending themes, primal wounding and ultimate joy.
It clearly shows what type of people and situations you will draw to yourself (and indeed need to in order to reach your destiny written in the Scrolls). It reveals the Divine promise offered for a life well lived. It provides the timing of events.
The deepest desires and fears are evident, and these can be discussed and either overcome or realized. Seeing yourself through the eyes of others and understanding how they perceive you provide valuable information for refinement of the personality – how one thinks, acts, projects, health, career and physical attributes. Strengths and weaknesses, talents brought through from past lives, karmic lessons and karmic obligations are clearly evident. Understanding how one functions physically, mentally, emotionally and intuitively (how one best receives messages from Spirit) is demystified.
Numerology is a wonderful (indeed vital) tool for conscious parenting. Relationships are where we learn most, and mirrors are needed to reveal our worst traits and areas of soul evolvement. Each relationship teaches you something about yourself and provides an opportunity for soul progress. Numerology is a brilliant tool for this very important part of life on earth.
Business names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc all carry particular energies and expectations, and analysing these and shortlisting recruits for positions and compatibility is easily done with numerology.

In short – Numerology is a wonderful tool on a journey of self-discovery, to monitor your progress in life or to give or receive guidance. I cannot imagine making any life-changing decision without it.