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Many satisfied clients have thanked me over the years, here are some of the most recent

An Amazing Journey

I have always had a passion for Numerology right from a young age and meeting Janet and learning from a Master Numerologist such as herself has been an amazing journey. Her deep passion and understanding of Numerology together with her patience, nurturing and love for her students is an inspiration. I feel privileged to be mentored by Janet and look forward to developing an even deeper understanding of Numerology.

Matthew Miles-Nell

Very tuned in

Janet does more than just give an excellent Numerology reading. She is very tuned in and you leave her session with much to think about.

Anneri Lambrechts

A Master Numerologist

Janet is a Master Numerologist – numbers to her are like the ABC to others.  On an intuitive level, they convey to her patterns about a person’s life – not just the normal, or even advanced numerology, but as though the numbers whisper to her the codes reflected in a person’s energy field.  Intricate patterns of information that she perceives in a kaleidoscope of images that unfold.

With Janet this is not a learned skill, it is a soul urge that finds expression through her dance with numbers.  It is intimate and very real.  A soul urge to connect the dots of a person’s existence – to make sense of it, and the gift of an overview and possibilities of applying insights to future choices enmeshed in time, to ensure a flow of energy, events, and an unfoldment of every individual’s own wonderful path.  Johanna Greyling, Specialised Kinesiologist, Pretoria

Johanna Greyling
Specialised Kinesiologist, Pretoria

Very impressed with her vast knowledge

I do know a bit about numerology and the meaning of the numbers. However, when I went for a reading with Janet, I was very impressed with her vast knowledge and how well she explains all aspects of the numbers. Her profiling is spot on and everything she said made total sense to me. I gained such deep insight and received so much information, which really helped me to understand why certain things in my life have worked out in a certain way and why others haven’t.

Many things about my life are now much clearer. Janets’ enthusiasm when she did my reading showed me how incredibly connected she is to numerology. She knows so many details and has so much to say, so much information to give. I could just sit and listen to her for hours. And everything she says is spot on! It is so worth having a reading done by her. It is an experience which you can draw from for many, many years. I’m glad I took notes during the session, so I can access the information whenever I need to.

Esther Schumacher

Very Educational

Very educational in terms of self-empowerment and self-awareness with much more than a pinch of intuitive guidance.

Penny Snyders
Cape Town

I can highly recommend her services

As a rational, analytical left-brain thinker, I was more than a little hesitant to have a reading done by Janet. However, having now done so, I can highly recommend her services. Instead of providing airy-fairy generalities that could just as easily apply to everyone, Janet’s interpretation of my charts provided much-needed clarification of the path I’ve chosen. She helped me make sense of past life events, and more importantly, helped me understand the timing of major life decisions and choices. I particularly enjoyed her analysis of our newly formed company’s registration number. It’s fabulous to see how, when you’re in flow, even ‘randomly’ allocated company numbers confirm the path that one has chosen.

Michael Haupt, Author of Slocial Media and Would Jesus Tweet?
Executive Director, Project 2030