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Private Numerology Course with Janet


This is a very comprehensive course, covering all aspects.
10 x 3-hour training sessions via Skype or Zoom.
Work with your personal numerology chart and those of your closest family members.

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The course consists of 10 sessions.
Payment for the course must be made in advance, upon which we will arrange a date to start the course and schedule the remaining sessions. Handbooks are emailed digitally once payment has been received. All sessions have a duration of three hours.


Birth date numerology
Handbook 1

4 Sessions

Session 1
Numerology is an ancient practice that explores the hidden meanings behind the vibrations of numbers and their associations with people, events, and objects. By delving into the numerical frequencies of the universe, one can gain insight into the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of life. In this introductory session, participants gain an understanding of the core numbers 1 through 9 and their associated energies. By exploring the energetic properties of each number, the power of numerology can be experienced in a unique and exciting way.

Session 2
Unlocking the deeper meaning of your life path and day number can be a powerful way to gain insight into your authentic self and to identify the strengths and unevolved areas of your character. Knowing which of these areas to rely on during difficult times can provide you with a sense of direction and purpose. Exploring the intricacies and dynamics of Master Numbers and Malefics can help you to become more aware of the intensity and drama that they bring to your life, while also helping you to love, respect, and embrace them.

Session 3
This section of the numerology course dives deep into the influence of childhood experiences on an individual’s life, as well as the patterns and blockages that may be present. By delving into the birth chart, Arrows of Pythagoras, and the occurrence, recurrence, and absence of numbers, one can gain invaluable insight into the hidden energetic dynamics that shape their current reality. This exploration can shed light on childhood wounds and patterns, as well as the blockages that may be impeding one from achieving their desired life.

Session 4
Pinnacle cycles, challenges, and periods of personal growth present themselves throughout our lives. With a deeper understanding of numerology, we can begin to anticipate these moments and plan accordingly. By learning to recognize and work with our personal ebbs and flows, we can gain greater insight into our life’s future possibilities. Though we ultimately remain the creators of our own destiny, knowing how to properly use our tools can help us to make the most of our endeavours.


Name numerology
Handbook 2

2 Sessions

Session 5
During this session, we will analyze the inclusion table to assess the traits that can be relied upon and the karmic patterns that have been emphasized over multiple lifetimes. We will also calculate and complete the section of the chart that displays the soul urge, personality, destiny, and power numbers in order to gain insight into past life patterns and to shed light on the purpose of this incarnation.

Session 6
This session dives deep into the world of name numerology, providing an accessible and straightforward explanation of complex concepts. With the help of engaging analogies, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, your motivations, how you express yourself, and the legacy you hope to leave behind. By the end of the session, you will have a better comprehension of your destiny scroll and what drives you to wake up in the morning, as well as get insight into activities you are passionate about.


Beyond the name and the birth date
Handbook 3

4 Sessions

Session 7

*For this session, it is recommended that you bring your laptop. If you are participating in the course remotely, please expect to receive templates via email.

It is remarkable to discover the immense significance of each letter in a word or name. Uncovering the hidden depths of language has always been a captivating pursuit, and the analysis of letters, words and the Excursion Chart is a prime example. The Excursion Chart provides a breakdown of physical, emotional, and mental components for each year of life, offering invaluable guidance and insight into the opportunities available to us. When used in conjunction with one’s numerology chart, the Excursion Chart is a powerful predictive tool that gives you the power to shape your destiny.

Session 8
Harnessing the power of numerology can have a significant positive impact on your business’s success. By analyzing business names and other significant numbers, such as addresses and telephone numbers, you can gain valuable insights into how to work smarter and not harder. With the right understanding of numerology, you can create a business strategy that utilizes the power of the universe to drive success. Additionally, an analysis of the numbers associated with a home address can help you to determine if a relocation would be beneficial for your family. Make sure to take advantage of the vibrational energy available to you and incorporate it into your business plan.

Session 9
Explore the dynamics of traditional opposite-sex relationships through numerology. Uncover how your blueprint interacts with those around you, and gain insight into what each individual seeks and stands to gain or lose in the relationship. Understanding the dynamics of your relationships and the intentions of the individuals involved, assists in gaining clarity on how karmic relationships and sacred contracts are manifested in your life, by learning how to navigate them with love and respect.

Session 10
To conclude this course, we explore the relationship numerology for all other relationship scenarios, tying together the concepts and principles discussed throughout. This will provide a comprehensive overview of the material and bring the course to a successful close.


Upon successful completion of this course, I hope you find yourself with a greater appreciation for the complexities of life and a more open-minded perspective. Your life may never be the same but enriched and improved by the knowledge gained here. May your journey be filled with understanding, tolerance, and self-compassion.

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I have just completed the Numerology course and, wow, my mind is blown. I never realised what a wonderfully insightful and comprehensive view Numerology offers into who someone is, what motivates and inspires their actions, and what they are here to experience and achieve. As a therapist, I can see how this modality will have far-reaching benefits for my clients and the families I work with. Numerology is a magnificent addition to my therapeutic skill set. Thanks to my new-found passion for numbers, I will be able to gain a deeper understanding of my clients, thereby being better equipped to facilitate the healing and transformation of everyone I have the honour of assisting.

Faine Bisset

Counselling Hypnotherapist, Heart Space Healing, Cape Town

Starting the course, was mind-blowing. Janet is patient and kind and certainly has a way with numbers. Janet explains everything in such detail that somehow it all makes perfect sense and it just sticks in your head. Up until today, after completing the course, as I read something or see a sequence of numbers, I can hear Janet’s voice in my head.

The course material is so in-depth, I feel like I am constantly learning something new when I pick up my books. It is well-written and easy to understand. This course by Janet has opened a portal for me into the world of numbers. I am immensely grateful that I had the opportunity to do this course with her.

Dr. Sunaina Amiraj-Surujparsad

Homeopathy, Therapeutic Reflexology, Reiki, Numerology, &Tapping