What an interesting time we are living in.

For some reason I have become quite brazen about speaking out about things this month (April 2020). Perhaps it is a result of my personal number 1-year and 5-month and having too few choices on how to get rid of this restless energy while in lock down.

I seem to have been speaking my truth and posting articles to try and (shock?) and wake people up more than usual, knowing full well that everyone does not always want to know what is really going on, much less look at “the world according to Janet”.

Perhaps I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I recently received a hateful and judgemental message on my personal FB page from someone in the Christian religion. It is not the first time. I am not sure whether uneducated and uninformed people think Numerology is a religion?

Numerology is an ancient science, not a religion.

Numerology is, however, part of the occult, bringing uncertainty to Christians in particular, who live in fear of being condemned. The meaning of the word “occult” is simply:

  • involving or relating to mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena ~ Dictionary
  • a category into which varied beliefs and practices are placed if they are considered to fit into neither religion nor science ~ Wikipedia
  • of or relating to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding. Mysterious, secret, disclosed or communicated only to the initiated, hidden from view ~ Dictionary.com

The “opposite” of occult is

  • Visible
  • See able

which implies that the occult is simply that which is not visible.

Gaia.com excerpt:

The word, “occult,” is difficult to define. The reason for this is that almost everyone has a different view of what the word means. To some, it represents a fascinating sphere of paranormal activity and mystery. To others, it implies sorcery and dark intentions. Very few people call themselves occultists, yet many are, perhaps without knowing it. Those who do know it, rarely use the term due to an abundance of negativity surrounding the whole concept.

It’s unfortunate that occultism has come to be cast in such dark shadows, because it truly is a place of wonder and offers opportunities to enrich and embrace life in many ways. The key to understanding the realm of the occult is to approach it without fear, bias or a desire to use it for unscrupulous reasons. It is a world of multi-faceted possibilities, like a beautiful gemstone that reveals a different view of the world at every angle.

How you choose to categorise Numerology, and how you feel about it, is up to you. I am completely at peace using it as a tool to help me understand my life. It has given me immense insight into situations I did not understand, and which made no sense to me, as many of the choices I made in this lifetime are rooted in past lives.

I use Numerology in my own life. Often. 19 years into studying and teaching it, it still helps me to make sense of what is happening in my world and the world around me. I feel as if I am shedding lifetimes of “stuff”, one layer at a time, and coming ever closer to my core.

I feel energised and alive when I help others find meaning and purpose. In fact, if I am not doing numerology readings, I become physically unwell and out of sorts. My vibrations and wellbeing are always enhanced when I rejoice in my calling and apply it to help others.

If you have not yet read my blog on 2020, written on 4 December 2019, here is the link:


Life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to, based on mathematical universal laws.

Be gentle on yourselves in this difficult and uncertain time.

With love,