September 2018 carries the qualities of the number 20. 2018 adds up to 11, plus September is the 9th month of the year, bringing the universal month energy to 20. (2+0+1+8+9=20).

What is particularly interesting, is that both the 11 universal year number and the 20 universal month number have the root number 2. From the year 2000, the qualities of the 2 have become the “flavour of the century”, the mastering of which will take Planet Earth to the next level.

I wrote a blog for 2018, so reading this again together with this blog will give you the full picture of September 2018. Read here

The year energies are now in full swing. Energies always come to a head in September every year. Breathe and take things a little easy. Go with the flow, and don’t fight or push to get your way. Hopefully, political powers in the world will come to peaceful resolutions and agreements this month on some pressing matters. The number 2 says: “Arbitrate, mediate and negotiate”.

The picture I want you to think of to have a visual image of this number 2, is two people sitting at a table, shaking hands and drinking tea together. Imagine members of a team making decisions and resolving potential conflict with mutual consideration and understanding and stress-free interaction.

This is also a soulmate month and year. You could make new friends this month, begin a new romance or enter into a new work partnership.

Number 20 has an uncanny, deep intuitive understanding of relationships. Interpersonal dynamics are the foundation on which number 20’s highly-effective diplomatic- and negotiation skills are founded. So number 2’s are the diplomats, the peacemakers, the mediators, and the very valuable PA’s and HR departments holding the space. The 2’s work quietly in the background, content to know that while they may not be noticed or appreciated, they fulfill a vital role.

The qualities of the number 2 are not easy to master. They are in fact the most difficult to master. Number 2 has to let go of all ego and the need for recognition and find self-validation. However, this does not mean dependency on others, nor does it mean being a doormat. Tears and sulking will not get the desired results. Just stay calm. Go quietly about your day and this sensitive phase will pass peacefully.

I taught my children from a young age to negotiate situations and not to react to situations that are sensitive, due to the many 2’s in their genetic lineage from their father’s side of the family. (My genetic lineage has other issues, such as criticism.) The number 2 in a sensitive space will retreat from any conflict and “brood” (or cry and lament their woes) silently, or learn the coping mechanism “attack is the best form of defense”. So whenever my children lamented “life is not fair, why me…” my response was always the same: “You never get what you deserve in life, only what you negotiate”.

There are two kinds of sensitive. The “I allow you to get under my skin” kind of sensitive is the one that can be problematic. To overcome this, remember always that any meanness or hurtful remarks from others are merely a reflection of their own “stuff”. The second kind of sensitive is intuition, and this should not be dulled or numbed, but revered and valued.

For an egotistical, power-driven male energy that likes the “my way or the highway” approach to life, this is a very difficult time, as the energies are demanding exactly the opposite. The number 2 is the catalyzer for this self-centered energy; a receptive, go-with-the-flow, teamwork, female, yin energy to offset the strong male yang energy. Most children born over the past few years (since 2000) carry a lot of this energy, and do not understand the competitiveness or cut-throat approach to life and business still lingering from the 1900’s. It just makes no sense to them at all. The essence of number 20 is such a team and “one-ness” number, that this number seldom considers the idea of operating by itself or in pure self-interest.

Review contracts, income tax records and policies. Income tax issues should come to the fore this month, probably worldwide. People will begin to speak out more about political matters, leading up to the year 2020, when the world will reach a significant tipping point. Any failure to submit tax returns or to declare income may cause legal problems in the near future.

Number 20 has another interesting aspect to it, namely the collection of “stuff”. This could be a collection of stories (history for example), a collection of water like the ocean, a collection of books such as a library, a collection of relics such as a museum, or a collection of animals such as a zoo. For many women with 2’s in strong positions in their charts, they may have a collection of shoes (two shoes make a pair) that would boggle the mind of a “non-2”, if there is such a word. In the negative, someone collecting for the sake of collecting is called a “collectomaniac”, or “kleptomaniac”.

The number 2 does have a sly element to it, understands female energy well and has a strong yin energy. Another aspect of the underhandedness that this number does display (in the negative) is a “sleeping with the enemy” kind of scenario, where secrets are learned by using femininity or coercive tactics to elicit information.

The number 2 can lie too, but the underlying reason for this is different to other “liar” numbers, such as the 14/5*. This is for many reasons, like not wanting to own up for fear of hurting others’ feelings or getting into a conflict situation, or not being able to ask or negotiate to get something they desire.

The number 2 likes to feed people, and so feeding schemes could also be a strong driving force for humanitarians around the world this month.

Relating to the body, nutrition and breast cancer should be hot topics as well, as number 2 relates to glands and a weak immune system. Immunity starts in the gut, and so any food sources that cause leaky gut or candida growth will need eliminating. The lungs are one of the elimination organs and could be sensitive, and so is the lymphatic system which has a link to breast cancer. Eliminating toxins from the body is vital. This means being aware that anything you breathe, eat or put onto the skin is absorbed into the body. Does this mean that women who use many beauty- and hair products are more susceptible to breast cancer? It has long been a theory of mine, but obviously, there are many other causes of breast cancer as well. Other glands that are commonly affected are the thyroid and tonsils.

This month in summary:

  • Be helpful.
  • Compromise to keep the peace, without becoming too submissive.
  • Maintain friendly and harmonious relationships with others.
  • Cultivate tact and diplomacy.
  • Focus on teamwork and “co-operatives”, defined by Wikipedia as “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise”.
  • Resolve any conflicts in a cooperative manner.
  • Do not take things personally.
  • Be patient, and let all the things happen naturally.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Have a little faith in the Universe.
  • Meditate and listen to the small, still voice of your soul.
  • Be mindful of small details.
  • Read the fine print before signing contracts.
  • Get your tax up to date!
  • Update your insurances and policies.
  • Avoid gossip and bitchiness.
  • Music will soothe the soul.
  • Meditate and get in touch with your higher self.
  • Go for a massage.

Until next month when we will talk about the energy of October with its more upbeat energy – breathe and flow – and drink more tea. Lol!