This is a very “surface scratch” reading, not a deep reading, and neither does it include his transits and essences. It is not intended to either tear him apart nor to put him on a pedestal. 

At all times, he has free will on earth to take things any which way – positive, negative or destructive. I am wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt and watch his shenanigans in amusement to see what he accomplishes despite his “un-presidential” (is there is such a word?) personality.

The first thing I see when I look at Donald’s Life Path Number on his chart, is that he is a “transformational president” – a bridge between the old and the new – Life path 13/4*, full number 40. 

Just for interest’s sake, previous US presidents with the same Life Path as Trump, were Grover Cleveland, Andrew Johnson and John Tyler, not very well known names to me, and in South Africa we had FW de Klerk, also a “transformational” president, stepping aside for Nelson Mandela, and Kgalema Motlanthe, who was an interim president following the resignation of Thabo Mbeki. This begs the question of how long Trump will last… and who he is “holding and preparing the space” for.

I must admit I was expecting a woman to win this election after the switch to female power from the year 2000. The truth is that we do not yet have the kinds of women in leadership positions to do the transformational work, and to break free from previous constraints and stand up to corruption and the last of the male egotistical power domination. Trump could do this. 

The eldest new millennium child is only 16 at present, so it may take a while longer than I thought for these female leaders to emerge…

Donald has a karmic debt that needs to be paid back to the community – one of hard work and transformation. Transformation means dying to the old (as in a caterpillar) and emerging as the new (as in butterfly), although I cannot see Donald as a butterfly. Lol! 

It also means he should apply himself and work hard, put structures and procedures into place, and just generally manage and organise, make sure the bottom line balances in the books and set up a financial budget. In the positive, though, this number can do great things for many people. He must make things happen. His test here will be one of patience and perseverance.

This number is generally an honest and straight-forward number, although it can be a little “brutish” or rough around the edges, especially with the amount of 4’s he has in other places in his chart, like his name chart, and we know that being refined and restrained is not one of Donald’s strong points.

Donald has a high sex drive, and has the addictive and unpredictable 14/5* karmic number in key positions. This number is addicted to things like drugs, sex, porn, eating disorders, speed and a fast-paced lifestyle that can self-destruct. An explosive number! My guess would be that Donald favours the sex, as he does not take drugs or smoke. This number has no filters, no boundaries and cannot be contained. This is why he puts his foot in his mouth all the time. This number can lie and talk its way out of any situation, as it can think up stuff to say or do at the speed of light.

In the positive, however, it can think on its feet and is never at loss for words, is flexible, thrives on change, intelligent and moves quickly, seeing an opportunity and grabbing it.

His 7’s will tone this down a little, and give him the ability, when he does constrain himself or is alone, to analyse deeply and to think very deeply. They will earn him respect with people in the know. I think his depths and intelligence are grossly under-estimated with his 14/5*’s just blazing the trail ahead. He is an international businessman, one country being too small for him.

His power number 9 will force him to always choose between letting go of the past, peace, unconditional love and forgiveness, versus war… 9 being a volatile number vibrating to Mars energy, and Mars is the God of War. 

What concerns me a little, is that he went through a period between ages 41 and 50, where he was challenged to let go of the past, learn forgiveness and get to a place of unconditional love, which is inclusive of people of all races. I have reason to believe that he may not always operate in the positive of this number. 

However, this number can project manage anything. Coupled with his networking abilities and power to manifest, he can bring projects to fruition.

This number 9 is also the “great lover”, and next year Donald is going to be in a jovial space, probably having a lot of fun in between calling the shots and shouting the odds, and with having both power and money AND being president, he is going to be led into temptation for sure! An alpha male… and monogamy is not usually one of their traits!  

Judging from the day of the presidential elections and his personal energies on that day, it seems as if this has all been pre-ordained, and that he is doing exactly what he is meant to do. The “Life Path” of election day adds up to 11, a Master number, and is made up of 9’s and 11’s… Ring any bells? The number 11 is a Messenger of God, and Master among men… I can’t wait to see what he does with this…

His personal day and personal month on election day, add up to variations of the number 4, and he has all the variations in his chart – the karmic 13/4*, the Master number 22/4* and the 40/4. His 22/4* which comes from his father in his genetic lineage, can be ultra “good” or ultra “evil” …. But I do not pick up the ultra-evil side of this number in his behaviour. This is the Master Builder, or Manifester, and he can indeed give form and structure to anything he can visualise and is excited and inspired by. Property development is par for the course with this number.

In his immediate past life, he was publicly shamed or embarrassed, and has probably put himself into the same circumstances again, to see what he will do with it this time around. A test. The public shame may have resulted from drunken behaviour or being an alcoholic (and Donald does not drink, which may be because he is aware of not repeating mistakes in this lifetime), or from embezzlement of money and being found out (as with Jacob Zuma, president of SA who is in a 3-year essence of falling from Grace, or public embarrassment). It could also be the embarrassment of having an affair, of which all the details become public knowledge. There is also the possibility with this number 16/7* of having been intellectually arrogant in his immediate past life, in which case he would be dyslexic in this lifetime with that 16/7* on personality level, to prevent him from becoming an arrogant intellectual student and force him to learn from life. 

Trump has already been implicated in certain “misdemeanours”. We know that this number 16 is rife among presidents. You know the saying: “Pride comes before a fall…”

With a karmic accumulation of 0, he is an old soul… and I think he is bored J I think he is having fun and is passionately playful with this whole set-up, yet genuinely wanting to make a difference. I think he will enjoy the role, and needs a diversion from what he has already mastered. He is physically and emotionally curious, so will push buttons everywhere, just for fun. He will throw the cat in among the pigeons out of sheer boredom and curiosity. He can multi-task with the best of them, and will accomplish on his own what may have taken an entire task team in the past.

I am not so sure he understands women, even though he loves them and is a womaniser… His chart has prompted him to do so, but I cannot say if he actually does…

Aaaaahhh…. And this brings me to another point that is interesting. Donald will not take direction from anyone! His “8” inner child which has come out to play at the top of his pinnacle cycles from age 50, does not deal well with authority, so his main challenge of learning to arbitrate, mediate, negotiate and be a team player is going to be put heavily to the test! He likes to make his own decisions and get right to it, getting frustrated with the slowness of others, and knowing he can do it better himself. I wonder how much hiring and firing he is going to do?

Donald is not egotistical. He lacks 1’s hugely in his chart and does not even have a full dose of self-confidence. Yes, he is opinionated, to put it mildly, for sure he does not do well with authority, and yes, he may appear arrogant, but, what is really going on here is that he is hypersensitive… Yip! Hypersensitive… So what he does is project, and he would have learnt from a young age that attack is the best form of defence. His “class clown” acts merely mask a very deep sensitivity that boys from his era were taught to mask well. He does not like having his flaws exposed.

One thing in his favour is his age, as this would have brought wisdom and temperance.

So, for Donald the game is on! I am watching him with great amusement and anticipation.


If he pulls this presidency off well, he will have paid off a huge debt on the karmic wheel of justice.

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