The year has finally begun – in earnest, and it is time to get “doing”… unemotionally… focus on the task… tick it off your list.

This month is going to demand that you apply yourself. It is a karmic number 4 month, adding up to 13. Any laziness will be exposed. Patience and hard work – just systematically getting things done, are the order of the day. Get back to basics. Make a to-do list. Prioritise.

If you don’t have a diary, either in a book form (which I prefer) or digitally, or a notebook you “write” in on your phone – get one!

  • Start with priorities.
  • Don’t think about it, just DO it!
  • Limit distractions, like FB and TV programs and your phone.
  • Learn from mistakes and persevere.
  • Set small daily goals, adding to big jobs getting done.
  • Tick it off on a list. This is a very satisfying practice.
  • Take note of counter-productive thoughts and beliefs.
  • Fire the perfectionist.

 Make a list of outstanding debt. Plan to pay it off and come up with a budget that allows you to discipline your finances. If you can, pay some of the smaller amounts off first, especially if they are interest-bearing. This is the month to practice some new financial habits. 

Take care of all the basics in your life – have a dental check-up, go for any overdue medical examinations, make repairs to the house… Do some clothes mending and repack those cupboards. Have your car serviced. Plan your grocery cupboard and redo your monthly grocery list with more healthy greens and fewer sugary and starchy items. Exercise or walk in nature.

Plan the rest of your year. Book venues for end-of-year functions or any conferences you may need to prepare for. Plan your next holiday and make reservations. Check calendars and school terms and make sure you have prepared for these events and put in leave if you have kids.

Go about your daily chores with gratefulness for health and an income, and do so with patience and pride. If you don’t have health and an income, put steps in place to tick off daily to amend this and turn it around. 

Finish everything you start. This month will stand you in good stead for the rest of the year. 

This is a good month for working with the earth energies – a veggie garden could be a rewarding project. Take note of the seasons. Read up on which veggies and herbs to plant when. Budget – it could save you on your grocery bills in the long run. Plan your planting schedule, and get to work. Put on those shorts and that hat, grab a garden fork, a spade and a rake, and start working! Even if you start today by just digging over a small piece of ground in the corner of the garden in a sunny spot. 

Oh – and patience, peeps! Patience…. 🙂 

Until next month – just do it!