I do know a bit about numerology and the meaning of the numbers. However, when I went for a reading with Janet, I was very impressed with her vast knowledge and how well she explains all aspects of the numbers. Her profiling is spot on and everything she said made total sense to me. I gained such deep insight and received so much information, which really helped me to understand why certain things in my life have worked out in a certain way and why others haven’t.

Many things about my life are now much clearer. Janets’ enthusiasm when she did my reading showed me how incredibly connected she is to numerology. She knows so many details and has so much to say, so much information to give. I could just sit and listen to her for hours. And everything she says is spot on! It is so worth having a reading done by her. It is an experience which you can draw from for many, many years. I’m glad I took notes during the session, so I can access the information whenever I need to.