December 2017 is a 22/4* universal month, at the end of a number 1 year of new beginnings.

This is a strange energy to have for December. It is not exactly a festive energy – more of a “spiritual manifesting energy” which lends itself more to making vision boards than having a holiday season. This energy is highly charged, and feels like a rubber band stretched to its limit in the solar plexus that can snap at any moment. When focussing on the negatives and despair in life, things can spiral out of control and go horribly wrong.

Things that are not working will collapse, and this is true of relationships as well as belief systems. It will be uncomfortable for those who have been “asleep”. Lives will be shaken up and turned inside out. View this as progress, as all new systems are born out of chaos.

Mother Earth may follow suit, and purge herself with natural disasters.

The root number and solution to this high energy is the number 4. This is the number of honesty, integrity, hard work and putting things into form; of planning the work ahead, related to a goal; earthy, practical and systematic.

The number 22 does this on a higher level – the level of manifestation and sacred geometry and designs. Practical mysticism. However, the root number 4 is a good energy to hold on to. It says: “Do what needs to be done, schedule, plan, budget, work hard and unemotionally, and if you are making ends meet that is good for now.” This “4 energy” could flow naturally from finances being tight and wanting to start 2018 on a firmer footing. If there is extra money at the end of the budget, put it aside for a rainy day.

Most likely, your personal year energy and your life path will play a larger role than normal within this December 2017 universal month energy. Book a numerology reading for more understanding.
Keep an eye on friends and family this month. This energy may affect school leavers born in 1999, who may be very disillusioned with life and the future. It may also affect families, as retrenchments this month are inevitable. Help them to come up with a plan, restructure their finances, and be patient in their search for solutions. The negative aspect of this number does not see options.

December will test your strength of will, determination and patience. Remain logical and practical.
With the 22/4* energy, it’s all about breaking out of your safety and security zone and making more of an impact in the world around you. Know that this is rather scary and somewhat foreign for you because you may gravitate toward the tried-and-tested and “safe” side.

Yet know that the Master Number 22/4* is the most powerful number in Numerology for manifesting on earth. It is my “Richard Branson” number. (Did I just hear you gulp?) Yes. It’s a rather big deal. You’re meant to achieve and build something that makes a difference on a grander scale —and that won’t feel comfortable until you have done it at least once. You must blast past your childhood wounds, through and around your very real (and self-imposed) limitations, and work tenaciously to define and achieve your goals. When Richard Branson visualizes something, he makes it happen, and does not let the limited opinions of those around him sway him, and certainly does not do “business as usual”. He breaks through glass ceilings. Because he believes he can and manifests what he believes. The world is his playground and knows no boundaries.

Be patient and know that by incarnating on earth at this time you’re here for higher-level service, and for the golden period we have entered but have not perhaps “seen” yet, as the final collapses take place. This month is the final month in the ascension process that started in January 2000 and ends now in December 2017 – this month! Now we go into a completely new phase. The new earth is manifesting as we speak.

Unpredictable times, for sure, but YOU signed up for them. Dig deep and know that you were briefed and prepared yourself for this. Everything you need to know is within you.

The sensitivities of this highly charged number may catch you unawares. You may even find that you are more psychic than usual and feel a little out of sorts. You may feel like an alien walking on earth and feel you don’t belong. You can easily convince yourself that you don’t have what it takes.

The full power of Master Number 22/4* can only kick in late in life when maturity has set in, but you can weather this energy in a positive way in the meanwhile. If you are older, more highly evolved and have been walking a spiritual path for a while, the time is now. You are here to facilitate the crossing of the bridge from the old to the new. NOW!

Otherwise the work and service you have signed up for on earth is yet to come.

Regardless of where you are right now, draw on the grounding aspect of the root number, 4. Connect with the earth and with nature, like discharging negativity through a lightning conductor that it earthed. Go barefoot – on the grass, on the beach, in a forest, in nature….

You incarnated for this or you would not be here right now. Trust that you are a vital part of this upcoming change (read my next blog on the energies for 2018 coming soon). Trust that you are part of the solution. Find your tribe, no matter how much you believe nobody will understand you or nobody cares. That is simply not true.

See you all on the other side of 2017! With much love from my heart to yours.