June 2018 is the 6th month of the year. Add 6 to 2018 and you get 2+0+1+8+6=17, and 1+7=8. So June is a 17/8 month. You can see that the number 8 is derived from (made up of) a 1 and a 7. All of these numbers are significant. We call number 8 the root number, and it carries the core energy. I will be looking at all of these numbers.

8 is a karmic number, and indeed the word KARMA adds up to 17. K=2, A=1, R=9, M=4, A=1. 2+1+9+4+1=17, and 1+7=8.

The infinity sign is an 8, vortex energy is an 8, and 8 tells us “As Above, So Below”. Look at the shape… it is the same as the pattern of the orbit of planets, the same pattern as the path of activity for animals and people. Spiral motion is a universal property of living matter.

This is where you reap what you have sown. What are you reaping? Perhaps you need to plant different seeds next time and nurture them differently to get different results?

Number 17 is the number of success. It has drive, intellect, good judgement, and is both analytical and intuitive. It is individual strength and action, doing what is uniquely you.

It is also known as the law of the circle. What goes around comes around, and what goes out must return to sender. Be aware of what is returning to you. Let the negativity flow through unhindered without paying it any attention, and choose to react positively.

(See the 20 Universal Laws below.)

“The higher our vibration, the more quickly karma returns to us.  Some are subjected to ‘instant karma’.  If you feel that you never get away with anything, you may be experiencing instant karma.  This means that whatever you give out comes back to you, instantly.  It is a sign that you are becoming more evolved because your karmic balance sheet is being kept up to date.  Your soul is no longer allowing you to accumulate debt.” ~ excerpt from http://universalspirituallaws.blogspot.co.za/2010/09/spiritual-law-of-karma.html

Effort is required this month. So is patience. This is an ideal time to attract new business and investments, but don’t speculate. June calls for business-like thinking, not emotional decisions.

If you have been job hunting, you may be called for interviews this month. Make sure to take a folder with any information they may require, including a hard copy of a professional CV, even if you have already sent one. Visualise a fair salary and hold that intention.

Love and money are closely connected this month, so do not confuse the two or lose one over the other. Money is a leading cause of divorce. Be wary of getting into a power struggle with your partner over finances, working hours, or property. Don’t get into power struggles at work with bosses or colleagues either. If you feel, though, that they are holding you back in life and that your value systems are incompatible, explore the possibility that it may be time to start your own business. No impulsive decisions this month!

Redefine what “abundance” and “success” mean to you.

Remain calm and composed. Visualise the number 8 to integrate thought patterns. Disputes or legal matters may be settled, but not necessarily in your favour. Trust in the scales of justice. Good karma could also “pay out”.

What are the 20 universal laws? ~ derived from https://www.one-mind-one-energy.com/20-universal-laws.html

  1. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF HARMONY: This relates to disrupting harmony, when you are the cause of some effect and there is not a peaceful state of equilibrium.
  2. THE LAW OF REINCARNATION AND KARMA: This is like credits and debits on a balance sheet. Both good and bad. Until these have been resolved and the dharma fulfilled (the deeds you need to do), you will reincarnate with souls with the same karma in the same situations lifetime after lifetime.
  3. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF WISDOM, WISDOM ERASES KARMA: We learn best through pain and suffering, while we could learn through love and wisdom and not need to go through all that pain and suffering.
  4. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF GRACE: Give love, mercy and grace to others and you will receive the same.
  5. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF SOUL EVOLUTION: By evolving spiritually and raising our vibrations through unconditional love, we move closer to a state of harmony and bliss.
  6. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF BODHISATTVA: Some people no longer need to return to earth as they have transcended the need for this, but return to help others, so that we can all be free once all souls have evolved. A bodhisattva is such a person.
  7. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF VIBRATIONAL ATTAINMENT: Energy cannot die, only transform, and here science is merging with metaphysics. Everything has a vibrational rate that it has earned.
  8. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF FREE WILL: Although some events are predestined, you have a choice of how you respond, which affects everything else. You can respond positively, negatively or destructively.
  9. THE LAW OF ONE: Everything we think, say or do affects everyone else.
  10. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF MANIFESTATION: You manifest your thoughts, whether positive or negative. To change your reality, you must change your beliefs and behaviour.
  11. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF CONSCIOUS DETACHMENT: The serenity prayer comes to mind…          
  12. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF GRATITUDE: You manifest more of what you focus on, so by being grateful for all things great or small, you can manifest more of that.
  13. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF FELLOWSHIP: When two or more people are gathered for a shared purpose, it magnifies the energy immensely.
  14. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF RESISTANCE: Allow the negative to flow through you without resisting it, as what you resist, persists.
  15. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: You attract what you are and what you focus on.
  16. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF REFLECTION: What you fear or what you love will be reflected by your reaction to others.
  17. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: The acceptance of others without judgment or expectations, without attempting to change them, except by our own positive example.
  18. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF MAGNETIC AFFINITIES: You choose the circumstances of each incarnation according to what you need to experience in life, like parents, other souls, time and place of birth according to astrological configurations.
  19. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF ABUNDANCE: Heaven on earth is accepting that which is your Divine birth right as you are worthy just because you are you.
  20. THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF DIVINE ORDER: There are no accidents. Your energy causes all of your experiences.

And just to round it all off, a blast from the past: