Numerology and 2024 focus on money

Numerology and 2024 Focus on Money

Numerology and 2024 Focus on Money. 2024 adds up to a pure 8. Number eight is a number that demands respect, hard work, sovereignty, financial management, business management, and flow of resources.


What happened in 2023?

2023 added up to a pure 7. It was a year of rest, deep contemplation, taking stock, analyzing the reason for our existence, and analyzing finances, businesses, and occupations. In 2023 we needed quiet and time to think. It was generally a year in which people retreated to lick their wounds and to ponder on what had happened these past few years. Trust was at an all-time low. People did not know who or what to believe. The deception was rampant, and people either searched relentlessly for the truth or steered clear of discussions around what had been happening at all costs. The focus was on internal self-development. There were fewer discussions. Take heart if you were soul-weary and physically just plain weary to the bone by the end of 2023. The energy in 2024 is much higher and more powerful. You should feel a surge in energy and focus.


The Cycle of Ages

The Contract of the Ages came to an end towards the end of 2023. Source canceled the transition back into the Neutral Age and catapulted us straight into the Golden Age of Light. We will never transition into another age for eternity but remain in the Golden Age. Our souls have learned what they needed to from our experiences over the past few million years. Dark and evil agendas are now in violation of agreements with Source and those who do not “switch sides” to the Light are being rapidly eradicated.


2023 – the first new souls appear on earth

New souls were created by the progenitors who work for Source for the first time in millions of years during 2023. No new souls are created in a dark age, which ended in 2023, and this is the reason for the entrapment cycle which we know as the reincarnation cycle. We will now return to Source after each lifetime and not be lured into the “false heaven” in the lower astral levels and be reincarnated onto one of the many planets in our universe.


The energy of 2024, however, is very different

Take action – positive and decisive steps to get business and finances flowing again. Respect will be lost forever for authority figures or institutions that affect well-being, business, and finances.

Governments, banking institutions, tax institutions, legal institutions, and other institutions that rule our everyday existence, are going to have to change in 2024. Or fold. People are no longer willing to abide by laws that only serve selfish interests and line the pockets of the elitist families.

2024 will demand transparency, honesty, and fairness.


The Number 8 (2+0+2+4=8)

Number 8 is known to get very angry and does not take nonsense from anybody. Number 8 does not take kindly to authority figures, control, or being told what to do. It will fight back and retaliate. If you are a life path 8 or in an 8-personal year or have 8’s in strong positions elsewhere in your numerology chart – this is the year for you to forge ahead at last. The 8th sign of the zodiac is Scorpio, and scorpions are well known for the sting in their tail. Systems, people in authority positions, and institutions that jeopardize sovereignty in any way are going to feel the vindictiveness and retaliation of the number 8. Any system or business that takes money that is not justified, legal, or fair is in jeopardy in 2024.

Some thoughts that come to mind regarding number 8, are the concept of Infinity, the law of karma, and the never-ending flow of energy. This means that 2024 will be the year in which karmic debts are collected or karmic interest is paid out. 8 is a karmic number. What goes around, comes around.

Infinity means too, that our universe is only one of many universes in the multiverse. The “All” is infinitely bigger than we imagine, but we are part of it “All”.

Think of the number 8 as water. Dam it up and everybody downstream suffers, and it becomes rancid and putrid. Let it flow and everybody benefits.

Number 8 is linked to longevity and strong kidney energy, which is where the life force resides.


What do I think will happen in 2024?

I think there will be a huge shift with many people moving between companies next year. You will see many new business start-ups. Positive karma often pays out in the form of opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, whether for a new position in a company, a new business venture, or an investment in a new startup.  Use good judgment and when you are in the right place at the right time amazing things can happen.

The first of the natural laws says “Do no harm”. Is the company you own or work at working for or against humanity? Is it harming our planet in any way? Where is the money flowing to? Follow the money – it will reveal the true intentions every time. If you are working for or with a company or institution, you are consenting to the product or service offered. Think of realigning your career to one that is more suited to your value systems.

2024 is potentially a year in which the sluice gates will open and abundance will flow once again. From February 2024 onwards, many new businesses will be birthed. The changing needs of society after a war brings inevitable new business opportunities.

Greediness will backfire. Those who gain unfairly from exploiting disadvantaged sectors of society will bear the brunt of the karmic repercussions.

2024 is also a year in which big advances can be made in the health and wellness sector. This may be partly due to dormant DNA being activated, as well as humanity standing up to the poisons we are consuming in so many ways each day, including in medications prescribed by doctors who are unaware of their contents or side effects.

The flow of energy will be in the spotlight this year, and many will seek alternatives.

I suspect most people will be questioning what they really want and what is important as we move forward, which may bring about a huge shift in value systems and what is perceived as being valuable.



Work on your concept of self-worth to navigate this 8-year successfully. Your bank balance is determined by your self-worth as it affects how much you will allow others to push you around and make decisions on your behalf, as well as what salary and working hours you will settle for.

Number 8 asks you to be realistic about the value of everything you buy and sell, including your knowledge, gifts, and services. Abundance is infinite. Money is not the only way to exchange value. The sluice gates of abundance are now open. Put in the work, don’t be greedy, give some of what you have away, and change your world.


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