Relationships, family and responsibility are keywords this month. 

Work wisely and gently with affairs of the heart.

This month vibrates to a number 15 energy, of which the root number is 6. Number 15 is a lively and spirited number, a curious mix of independence and wanting love and appreciation. Very romantic.

In business it is a number that does well with sales, business and finance, so this month of May is a good time to get those new business ideas under way too! It is an active and ambitious month to expand any business.

This is a favourable time for love and passion. If you are single it is a good month to meet someone, and if committed a good time to rekindle some romance. This is a month for weddings, but on the other side of the coin, could be a month of many divorces. 

A great month for those family photo shoots! In the Southern Hemisphere it is Autumn now. Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and has a gloriously rich tapestry of colour strewn on green grass and together with those Autumn colours you can come up with some beautiful settings and ideas for photos! 

Your boundaries may be challenged this month. Know when to say no. A good measure is when you catch yourself saying: “I should…” or “I really ought to…” or “I must…”. In these instances, ask yourself why? Challenge your own belief systems and reasons for doing things. Where do you need to draw the line? What (or who) do you have to distance yourself from? 

Ask yourself:

  • Am I a doormat? 
  • Am I helping or interfering? 
  • Are these my own emotions or am I absorbing the emotions of others around me? 
  • Do I worry about everything?


This is a good month to focus on loving yourself. 

You cannot give from an empty bucket. Take time to go for an alternative healing session for body, mind and spirit, a tarot reading or a numerology reading. Focus on your health. Plan a pampering session, and go for a massage, a mani- and pedi- and a facial. If you can’t afford it, barter! Do a “swop session”! Make a plan… 

Everybody has some skill that somebody else needs that they can barter with in the absence of money. Find yours… Be of service… perhaps you can read to someone who is old or frail or ill, or perhaps you can help out with carrying kids back and forth, or go shopping for people who work all day… 

Go through your wardrobe and donate to charity any items that you no longer feel good in. Or swop clothes with someone else and both of you will benefit. Get together with some friends and “rework” your clothes… There are many websites with ideas for taking clothes and changing them completely with a snip and a nip and a tuck…

April is a good time to think about a new home or revamping your existing one.

You may want to redecorate a room, repaint (get creative!), upgrade the bathroom or kitchen or just rearrange furniture. Wash curtains. Put some lovely scented sachets among your linen and clothes. You can make these yourself too if you like.

Cook for friends and for family and be sociable, or just cook for the freezer for busy days ahead.

Have a wonderful and harmonious month!

Until next month when we look at the karmic month of June…

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