January 2017 – 11/2* Universal Month.

January brings in the energies of the first Master Number 11. 2017 is a number 1 year in this next universal 9-year cycle. Into-uncharted-territory 

Number 11 is made up of double 1’s. January 2017 starts with the first Master Number energy of the number 11, and 2017 ends in December with the next Master Number 22. Furthermore, 2017 has every single Karmic Malefic Number as one of the months in between. Karmic Malefic Numbers are numbers with karmic debts that are owed and need to be paid off.

This month could see the rise of new leaders in the world. Be wary of following fanatics with dubious intentions, as number 11 has the destructive tendency to be a cult leader.

January will kick off with new inventions! Do you have an idea that needs to be launched? Wait for a 4 day, which is on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of this month, so that you are grounded and practical, and put it into a plan/ document that you can present to the right people.

This is a month for insights and discovering your higher purpose in life. If you have not already found your purpose, pay close attention to anything that makes your heart and soul sing. This is always a clue… 

If you are a Light Worker, be a source of illumination to others and help them find their way. Dare to share your ideals and dreams this month. It is a month for working in harmony in pursuit of common good.

However, it is also a very highly charged and sensitive month. Remain aware that people who project their insecurities at you, and are spiteful, moody or petty, are merely showing how they feel about themselves. Do not react! Do not justify! Diffuse the situation however you can and help to keep the harmony at home and in the workplace.

If you are not already meditating regularly, join a spiritual group or search online for guided meditations. 

Listen for the still, quiet voice of the soul. Connect to your Higher Self. January is the month for putting your intentions out there and letting the “Universe” know what they are.