April could exceed your wildest expectations! Expect the unexpected. Lol! Impossible, for sure! 

So, best prepare yourself to be flexible, changeable and adaptable, and it will stand you in good stead.

In some way or another, your life will change in this month. Manage the energies calmly and don’t “lose it” or say things you will regret later.

The root number, 5, is an air number. It is quick, but holds no grudges, and upsets blow over as quickly as they arise.

April 2017 vibrates to a 14/5* energy. This is a karmic energy, and demands balance and getting excesses and avoidances into balance – a fine line between freedom and escapism, which brings addictions to the forefront. These could include the misuse of any number of substances, sexual “escapism” or eating disorders, and you could become a “slave” to freedom…

14/5* arises from previous abuse of freedom at the expense of others and your own health.

If you are on the fearful side of this vibration, and life is too safe and mundane as a result, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Potentially volatile, bear in mind that as this is a karmic number, you have been part of the manifestation of all that happens this month. 

I think of the situation in South Africa at the moment, with Zuma and the Guptas… Somebody voted him into power, and somebody has made it okay for the financial crisis and Zuma’s “misuse of freedom” to reach this point. If you are living in South Africa, you elected to incarnate here, either to be a part of the solution or to learn from it in some way, or both.

There is a karmic debt to repay.

Elsewhere in the world other situations will arise this month along the same vein.

This is a brainstorming month – the month to come up with changes and new ideas. If you are psychically inclined, or have 5’s in main positions in your numerology chart, you have access to the universal pool of ideas, so tap in to what humanity needs right now. This month the energies and thoughts are mercurially quick, so if you snooze you lose! If you don’t implement those ideas and innovations, somebody else will!

This is an excellent month for travelling and networking. Take care when travelling and be aware all the time of what is going on around you. Rest when you must, take care of your nervous system by not overdoing things, and take calculated risks…

Use this month for learning and teaching. Whatever you know, somebody needs to learn, so pass it on. Teach and inspire!

Don’t over-commit. Leave space open in your diary for unexpected situations and for a mental break now and again. Watch your words as you could potentially say things without thinking of the consequences.

I feel compelled to say please save your work on your computer before exiting without thinking, and back your work up… Put files you can’t afford to lose on a “cloud” somewhere…

Think new, exciting, different… think balance… think networking… think change… think “I must get out of this rut”… but do complete tasks and stick to commitments.

Experimentation is par for the course in April. So is irresponsibility… So if you are feeling a little wild and reckless, select your activities so that you are not causing yourself or others any harm. If you need to get out of your comfort zone or a break from routine, the energies this month will do wonders for you!

I LOVE this number, and in the positive, 14/5* is a magical and mystical number, carries the wisdom of the sage, and channels information from higher realms. Number 5 bridges the gap between heaven and earth, between worlds, and is the number of man and 5 senses, being both sensual and always curious and thirsting for knowledge.


Until next month…. ♥