While October gave us a sneak peek into the energies of 2018, November has the same month energies as January next year, with December in between. November is the month to visualize what we want for our futures, and FEEL inspired by our dreams and plans. The veil is thinnest between worlds in November, so it is easier to manifest both good and evil. Stay in the light.

November this year adds to a 21/3. This number signifies renewal of mind and body and is the mystical number of Cosmic Consciousness.

Use November’s power of “Cosmic Consciousness” and creative thinking to imagine a bright future. Find activities that bring joy to your life and let that energy attract your greatest joy into your life. Make a vision board. Involve like-minded soul sistas or brothers and encourage them to join in. Big, blank cardboard posters, lots of magazines, scissors, glue, glitter, coloured pens… This exercise is powerful when you really feel the joy. Put out the snacks and the wine and put some music on. Have a “Dreams are Good Friends” party.

On the other end of the scale, if you are feeling depressed, this vision board exercise will be good for you too. Depression is a sure sign of being “off course”, as being aligned to your destiny and purpose brings immense joy and fulfillment – an environment where depression dissolves like mist in the heat of the sun. Bring some yellow into your life, get some sun, and explore truthfully where your passion lies.

Don’t share these dreams outside of your select soul family. Put them quietly into action. Friends and family can often talk us out of our dreams. Giving them an opportunity to “shoot your idea down” is a sure way to find an excuse not to take action; Especially if what you want to do is forward-thinking and not done “as it has always been done”.

When you grow, others become uncomfortable. Pay careful heed to those who don’t clap at your success…

This could be a fun, social and happy month. You should see the results of your year’s efforts and this is the time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Celebrate your accomplishments and spoil your loved ones. They perhaps went without the pleasure of your company at times, and helped pick you up at others.

Edit communications carefully. Speak positively. This is a good month to sign up for a communications course or for voice training.

Be mindful of over-indulging or over-spending. In fact, tighten your belts, as December may require careful budgeting, and over-spending in December will disrupt the flow until the end of February next year.

Until next month – FEEL your true passion and calling.