2023 adds up to a pure 7.

We are in the 7th year of a global 9-year cycle. This cycle started in January 2017 and ends in December 2025.

What did I say about 2020?


In my 2020 blog, not knowing what was about to unfold, I wrote that one way or another 2020 would go down in history. It did.


Now for 2023


Now in 2023, I am saying the same. 2023 will bring to the collective consciousness the biggest leap in spiritual growth and understanding of the human condition in history.

Number 7 seeks the truth. Whatever is in the dark will come into the light. The speed at which these revelations will happen will leave the unawakened reeling with both cognitive dissonances as well as feelings of intense betrayals by people and institutions they once trusted.

People are going to retreat and question everything. They will investigate the truth about altered and manipulated “science” and “religion.”

It is not a social or frivolous year by any stretch of the imagination. I get the image of a wounded dog, retreating into a corner to lick its wounds.

Number 7 accumulates negative karma when it has truth and information that can benefit others but does not share it. People will come forward to expose the truth and share research that will benefit Earth and humanity. Our true history will be revealed.

Whistle-blowers will step forward en-masse. Political lies and corruption will not stand a chance.

People will find alternative news channels which will steadily gain popularity, as they grow increasingly mistrusting of mainstream media with its scripted propaganda.

Electricity and water will be front and centre, as the 7 signifies hidden energies and knowledge. 7 is a water number, although I see it as frozen water, so perhaps icebergs will feature in some way too. Number 7 links to hidden resources and assets. Geologists and anthropologists may produce significant discoveries.

We have moved into a new and long-awaited positive timeline and the focus in 2023 is on soul development and intuition. It is a year of self-development for everyone.


What about number 23 in 2023?


Number 23 is significant. It is a prime number, which gives it added strength and individuality, and I find this number to be logical and emotionally controlled.

The 23rd chromosome is the one that decides if the sex of a baby is male or female. My prediction is that all gender-related issues will come to the fore, particularly at schools. Parents around the world will start standing up to the inappropriate sex education and gender indoctrination introduced in schools at an age where children should not have to think about sex at all, let alone feel pressured to identify with their sexual orientations, expressions, or identity.


In closing


In closing, 2023 will be a mixed bag.

For some of us, it will be a year we have longed for where we can share our truth and help the world to understand and heal.

For others, it will be a roller-coaster ride. Exposés will trigger distrust and anxiety.

Financial instability is likely to continue, although the truth about the financial system and our governments will surface. Those operating on the dark side will not survive in the light.

Until we meet again, be gentle and patient with everyone. Drink plenty of water, get out into nature, and walk barefoot. This grounding is important in a 7-year. Listen to music tuned to 432 HZ and get as much rest and sleep as you can. Our bodies are transitioning to hold more light.

When tired or in doubt – sleep.

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