All those 2’s…

What in the world could they mean?


Let’s recap the past 2 years.


2020 was a 4-energy. Lock down. Containment. Law and order. Survival was key.

2021 was a 5-energy. Freedom vs fear. Information vs disinformation. Highs vs lows. Life vs death. Cognitive dissonance. This was a volatile energy of extremes. The number 21 in 2021 is linked to ascension, or simply put, coming of age and going from a lower state of “being” to a higher state. Planet Earth ascended in August 2021 when all timelines converged for the first time in history. It was a very difficult year for mental health.


And now 2022…


This is the year in which the new blueprint for our futures will be laid. We have gone into uncharted territory.

The year 2022 adds to a 6.

Number 6 is first and foremost heart energy. Number 6 focuses on love, nurturing, family, responsibility, the home, education, health and wellness, children, the elderly, food, nutrition, and service in the community.

We can therefore expect 2022 to focus on these areas.

Number 6 is an expansive number. Business expands, due to its ability to think holistically and give birth to new ways of doing things. The waistline also expands, due to the sweet tooth and emotional needs of the number 6, so get out and about. It is the number of marriages, divorces, and birth. It is both creative and pro-creative.

6 is an extremely fertile number. One of the big focus areas will be around family planning, fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and issues pertaining to newborn infants.

Homes will be repurposed. With changing times they need to allow for office space to work from home, homeschooling, and perhaps accommodate an extended family who may have incurred financial losses over these past two years. Many homes will change hands in 2022.


Now, what about all those 2’s?


Now, what about all those 2’s making up 2022 and this 6-energy?

Three of any number (or anything) reinforces the message significantly. And we have three 2’s.

The number 2 is a number of polarities, indecision, doubt, and huge sensitivities. Humanity will be divided in many issues. However, the positive side of the 2 brings collaboration and unity.

Number 2 is a number related to politics, labor, and human resources, as to arbitration, mediation, and reconciliation. HR departments are going to have their hands full, as are certain sectors of the legal fraternity. Tax laws will come under scrutiny, as well as all the red tape related to diplomatic relations between foreign countries, such as visas, passports, and other matters pertaining to goods and people moving over borders.

People will be extremely sensitive and reactive. Only those living harmoniously within these vibrations of the 2 and 6 will manage diplomatic and loving responses and not react spitefully, jealously, create a crisis to draw attention or go into “poor me” mode.

Number 6 in health and wellness links to hormones, the heart, and the reproductive system.

Number 2 links to the immune system, gut, elimination organs, glands, lungs, breasts, and skin. Take care of your health and immune system. Think clean and green. Meditate.


What does the number 22 mean?


The number 22 in 2022, is the master builder or manifester. It pertains to sacred structuralization: building systems, structures, and businesses according to Divine instructions, laws, and principles. It builds on a large scale. It knows no boundaries, so the world is its oyster. The 22 is potentially capable of combining the inspirational ideas of the number 11 with the physical manifestation of the number 22, putting these high ideals into concrete form. In other words, manifesting the new blueprint for a new world.

A common theme linked to the number 22 is the feeling of alienation and being misunderstood. This number has suicidal tendencies, wanting to go “home” and to be released from what it perceives as an alien and hostile environment. However, I believe we can make earth our new home, our heaven on earth, and enjoy staying on earth for this moment in time and the amazing opportunity for soul evolvement that it presents.

Whatever we think will manifest in 2022, so choose thoughts, friends, and outlook on life wisely.

The number 6 is inclined to absorb the emotions of those around it, so healthy boundaries and self-love are areas to focus on in 2022.

Number 22 has a love for other cultures, so many will be moving homes, possibly across continents. The idea to move homes and relocate would have originated in 2021, specifically around September of 2021.

With all the 2’s in 2022, expect delays in negotiations and documents this year. Pay attention to the fine print in contracts.


In closing…


Many people will not cope well with the energy of the number 22. It is highly strung, and as skittish as a racehorse before a race. However, for the light workers and visionaries among us, this is a long-awaited time when the manifestation of the new earth begins in earnest.

2022 presents a window of opportunity for a bright future. Seize it.

We are masters of our own destiny in 2022.

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