Since the 1st of January 2016, each of you has entered a new energy that will last the entire year. It began to enter very slowly from about October last year (this in in GENERAL, as each energy has its own time and speed at which it enters) and will peak in September this year. After that, the energy of the next year will slowly enter the equation.
How do you work out your personal year for 2016? 
Step 1: Write down the day and month you were born in. 
Step 2: Add these 2 numbers together. If it comes to more than 10, then add those numbers together to reduce it to a single number from 1 to 9.
Step 3: Take this number from step 2 and add the universal year number to it which is 9 for the whole of 2016. (Derived from the sum of 2016 which is 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). 
Step 4: Add the totals together (day and month of birth plus 9) until you have a number below 10.
This is your personal year for 2016.

We all go in cycles of 9 years so that we ultimately deal with all the energies/scenarios every 9 years.

Here is a short summary of each of the personal years and the things you need to concentrate on and be aware of:

ONE: This is a time of new beginnings. Please write down every crazy thought of what you would like to do or accomplish in life – your deepest dreams and desires. Do this throughout the year. These things will all come together gradually over the next few years in one beautiful package if you allow it. Put these things into motion this year but don`t expect them all to go as you planned. This may take a couple more years to all come to fruition than you hoped. You may want to change direction completely or be thinking about it very strongly. Be true to yourself if you want fulfillment. If you are not independent yet, examine why. If you need to study then find a class. It may be full of false starts, but your will-power, initiative and independence will help you make important decisions. The “one” is energetic, innovative and all about “me”. Only you can make decisions for yourself this year. Last year was emotionally draining and one of letting go, so you may feel an empty space where ideas, beliefs, people or jobs used to be. This may have left you mourning certain aspects of your life. Let go of the last of whatever was not serving a purpose last year and let the healing take its course.  From experience, many people have told me that this year was a frustrating year for them. I have seen recently over and over that
people/ideas/beliefs/material things that should have been eliminated the previous year (in year 9) and were not, are the very things that hold you back. (Refer to year 9 to see what you should have focused on last year). These are the things that prevent new doors from opening. Whatever you did not complete or resolve will surface very strongly in August this year and frustrate you no end in September – probably forcing you to go back and waste valuable time completing the process that should have been completed last year.Set those goals and don`t discard any of them from your list. They will serve you well in the future.

TWO: This year is almost the opposite of last year. Last year was a year of high energy (yang) drive and this year is a receptive “yin” energy. You may be feeling a little sorry for yourself or have a lot of self-doubt as to whether you actually made the right decisions. Relax. This is a year for resting and looking after your immune system. From experience with many clients in this vibration, look out for your health. This is the year that immune- and stress-related health issues may surface – chronic fatigue, ME, adrenal burnout, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances and the likes. Don`t mess around with any situation that could trigger an immune system related disease like HIV for example. Be still and see what comes to you this year. Don`t push forward or forge ahead and try and bulldoze people and situations to suit your needs – it probably won`t get you anywhere. In fact, anything you try and force will have you hitting your head against a brick wall. It is a year of faith in action – believing that the right thing will come to you at the right time and surrendering to the universe/God. Meditate, make sure your paperwork is up to date – especially your income tax. Double check all your contracts and read the fine print before you sign anything. If you are single, your mind may be on that elusive soul mate. Concentrate on partnerships and teamwork. Last year was all about you, so this year the focus is on working with others. Listen, understand and see things from other`s point of view. Resolve all problems peacefully through calm negotiations. Go with the flow and cut yourself and everyone else some slack. The time for action will still come.

THREE: This is a year for self expression, socializing, creative projects and expansion. Whatever you put in motion and visualised yourself achieving 2 years ago (in your “one” year) should start blossoming and coming together this year. You are very charismatic this year and people are listening to you. You may need to cut the last of the friendships that are still draining your energy – those that you thought about two years ago but stubbornly held on to. Use this year wisely and think before you act. Too much partying and socializing will cause health problems further down the line. Perhaps you will make rash decisions which will put you back financially as well, so think before you act or make promises that you can`t keep.You will feel more energetic and upbeat than last year but avoid over-indulging in life`s pleasures. Think before you act and be wary of becoming the victim of some circumstance that you could have avoided, like having an affair or finding out that your new friend is actually married or becoming the victim of some abusive situation due to not being vigilant. Sexual energies generally run high so be aware that attention from the opposite sex could be for the wrong reasons and be responsible with your own decisions in this arena. In this year your mind could be in a space of its own – day dreaming and put you at risk of being unaware of your surroundings and not living in the “now”. Be wary of becoming the sergeant major due to over-enthusiasm. Seek the joy and beauty in life and be the joy in others` lives by being positive and uplifting. 

FOUR: This year is one to get all your systems, budgets and all things conventional running smoothly. After all, you probably neglected them a little last year with all that socializing. This is a “square” year as 4 is the number of sides to a square. So – lots of sitting in a “square” office at a “square” desk doing budgets in “square” blocks in rows and columns… packing and sorting things into “square” boxes…. Do your planning and cash flow in “square” books and year planners. You get the picture? You may do some building or lay foundations for some project you are starting. This is the year to renovate the office or move to larger premises if you predict your business taking off next year. No time once the work is in full swing. This is a year for hard work. Often the financial rewards are a long term goal so you may be putting in a lot with little return. You may find your creativity a little low. Work on family structures as well. This is not the best year to meet a partner as it is a year of tests, so a new relationship will probably press all your buttons. You will end up learning something, though. Nose to the grindstone and do what needs to be done without shying away from the work. This year you may make a total turn-around in the direction your life has taken or think the grass is greener on the other side. However, for most people it is a settle down and work year. Watch your bones and teeth… Lastly – don`t forget to play a little this year. We don`t want people to call you boring or “square” now, do we!

FIVE: Talk about being over-committed! How did life become so hectic? I know! You wanted out of that rut you got yourself into last year. Expect the unexpected. Expect changes of direction. Investments and risk may present themselves. Change is the only constant this year. Travel is very possible. You probably have ideas in your head that you can`t keep up with, probably keeping you awake at night. Balance is the key to success this year. You may find that you are burning the candle at both ends and burning the midnight oil. This equates to burning your nervous system out. By the end of this year you will probably be exhausted and your nerves may have been tested to the limit. Be aware that your concentration may be affected so watch all safety issues. Avoid using substances if you can as addictions to sensual and sexual appetites are rife in a “five” year. The problem often begins by “needing” something to sleep and then to stay awake – particularly drug-related.This year is about who you know and not what you know, so keep a list of those contacts you made over the past few years as they may come in handy. By the way – this is a good year to keep that mouth and that temper in check!  “If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.” ~ Buddha. The the old saying is also true, that life happens when you are making other plans!

SIX: This is a year for healing, counseling, being of service to others and relationships. This is a year for family – your own and then your “work family”. Love, to be more specific, on a higher level too. Perhaps even marriage. After all, you need to make up for being so busy last year, right? Family will demand attention – extended family as well as your own. This is a good year to start a family if you are thinking about it but beware of falling pregnant if you don`t! You are more fertile this year than most. You may feel like decorating the home, buying new furniture or revamping the garden. A promotion or a new job is a strong possibility. Perhaps this means you have to move. If you are not fixing your own relationships you will probably be fixing someone else`s. Don`t do for others, though, what they could or should be doing for themselves. Be aware that helping could be bordering on interfering. Focus on boundary issues – where do I end and where does someone else begin? Am I really helping or merely putting someone on a pedestal who does not belong there? Am I being kind and loving to myself so that my love bucket is full before I give to others? Do I need therapy of my own to sort out any of these issues?

SEVEN: After all that focus on the family last year and the expansion in your career, your batteries are flat! You need to recharge. This is the year for a quiet holiday at the sea or near water or to go on that spiritual retreat. Alone is probably best, or with someone who will not be demanding of your energy or conversation as you probably don`t feel too much like socializing. You need time to think about what is going on within the confines of your mind. Who has abused you? What do you need to heal? Perhaps you find traditional religion too confining and you need think about that. This is the year for reflection, mystery, secrecy, solitude and soul searching. It is a good year for study and research or to write that book. Meditate or curl up with a book whenever you get the opportunity. You may feel a little lonely this year, even if you are not alone. You may want to be alone this year and take time out for yourself. Get back in touch with your spiritual side. Be wary of being depressed or unable to be alone when you actually need to, as these are negative aspects to this year. So is drowning your sorrows in alcohol or having a “secret” that is negative, like having an affair or embezzling money. Bottling things up inside could cause health problems and build up a toxic environment in your body or mind. Is there something you have hidden that needs to be addressed? This is a perfect year for analysing and research or learning those computer skills that you have been avoiding. Whatever you do – REST! Aim to sleep at least an hour a day more than you usually would.

EIGHT: This year is the year where all your hard work pays off with dividends! That depends, obviously, on how much effort you put in over the past seven years. This year is a year of accomplishment, money, business, control, power, achievement and recognition. Profits will be made although expenses may be high. Maintain fairness and a certain amount of generosity. Relationships that began this year may have been with people drawn to your status, wealth and power, so have a look at who you are attracting. Maintain humility this year. Nobody likes a person who is arrogant and filled with self-importance. The law of karma works full-time in an 8 personal year, so what goes around comes around. If you are therefore having a “bad” year, it is possibly because it is payback time and you need to look at what you have done in the past to attract these situations to yourself. Don`t despair – there is good karma that you may have earned as well. This year is the result of years of hard work on all levels. The spiritual laws of money and abundance will come into play depending on your level of evolvement and maturity in this area. The spiritual law of money says there has to be a “flow” of money – but respectfully and not wastefully. Dam it up (holding onto it too tightly) and it becomes stagnant – there the saying that “money stinks” or “stinking rich” comes to mind as it does not generally have a good connotation. There are many good books to read in this regard, one of which 
The Laws of Money, the Lessons of Life… (2003) by Suze Orman comes to mind. You will be in a strong place this year so be aware not to abuse a situation of power or be too authoratative.

NINE: Endings. This is the last year of that 9 year cycle. You ended on a high last year, hopefully, and now you have been there, done that and got the T-shirt. What is next? You may be moody and prone to mood swings. You may feel like telling the whole world where to get off. DON`T! You may start thinking about what you want to do with your life but you will find that the more you chase things this year the more they will elude you. The same goes for money in a 9 year. Things you start this year may end up being short-lived, like a job or a relationship. You have to “get your house in order” first. What needs to go? What serves no purpose anymore? Bless someone else who needs it and give it away. Go through your ideas and thoughts. What needs to go? What toxic relationships do you have? What relationships do you need to heal and who do you need to forgive? This is a year of healing and completion. Do not leave anything or anyone unfinished. De-clutter your life and relationships so that next year you can start an exciting new phase in your life with a clear conscience and no baggage.Let go and forgive – understand and come to a place of unconditional love and acceptance and you will move on to a new 9-year cycle next year with no excess baggage. A word of warning: do not buy a house or car or anything major in a 9 year – it will be the house with the roof that leaks or the car that gives problems. It is, however, a good year to sell property that no longer serves you in any way, but wait until next year before making major purchases or acquisitions. Bottom line – out with the old and outdated ideas, things, relationships, beliefs etc to make space for the new…

Until we meet again, work with your energy for the year and not against it. It makes life so much easier!