Last month – January 2017, started off with a kind of a “hangover”, for lack of a better description… a slooooow, 11/2* energy… and so many people I know were unexpectedly laid flat by flu or bronchitis and other immune- or chest/lung problems. 
That is the nature of the number 2. If you swim against the current, instead of floating, you will be forced to surrender in one way or another.
However, February 2017 is a 12/3 month. Active. Creative. Social. The good news is that the recovery from last year can now begin in earnest.
This could be a very joyful month, or a very depressing month. If it is depressing, consider that you are out of alignment with your passion and purpose, and consider making some adjustments to your life. By giving up one thing and adding something new, big changes can begin.
If you have found your niche, you should be feeling joyful, creative, happy and sociable. Anything other than this is soul-destroying… At the very least, a sense of optimism and good things to come should be permeating your heart and soul.
If you have discovered what it is that brings you that joy and happiness, take one step closer, as there are stepping stones along the way. Every choice you make and every step that you take, moves you one step closer to your dreams, making the choices available for the next step more likely to be more in alignment too. 
How do you make the correct choices? You choose the one that makes your heart sing and puts a sparkle in your eyes and a spring in your step; the one that takes you towards your dream and not away from it.
If you don’t know how to make things happen, get sociable. Get active. Get “out there”. 
1, 2, 3 Go! Let the universe know what you want. Sow those seeds. You cannot reap what you have not sown.
Explore your creative side. Is there a new hobby you would like to try? Perhaps it could lead to something bigger in the future, like a new business, or a new opportunity, or new contacts and perhaps even a new friend.
You will be amazed at how the universe will conjure up some tricks to put you into contact with the right people. Just take the first step to show your willingness.
Join a hiking group, go to gym, take a spiritual course, accept that invitation… If you are battling with an addictive behaviour pattern, join a support group. Consider that everyone you meet is potentially bringing you a message or teaching you something for the next step on your journey.
Don’t get caught up in the moment and do something you may regret, like blowing your savings on something extravagant, or overindulging, or doing something silly that can’t be undone in the morning.
On the work front, things may improve considerably. You should feel more optimistic and be enthusing others with your joy. It is a great month to organize those family get-togethers or to find your inner child and get out with the kids, grand kids, friends and pets and have some fun. Experiment with how contagious a positive outlook on life can be, and find someone every day who needs a little sunshine in their life. 
If you are not into dress-up parties, or karaoke, this may the one month you are willing to give it a go! Find that inner child again… remember him/her? The one that could run and play without inhibitions and dream and make-believe?
This is a good month for interviews and communicating new ideas. However, keep a firm hold on reality, which includes your finances, as you are going to need that money next month…
PS: Don’t forget Valentine’s Day! The day energy on the 14th of Feb adds up to 26… Love and partnerships! Diplomatic teamwork, home, family responsibilities and love… I suspect quite a few proposals will be going down on Valentine’s Day this year! Perhaps a baby boom in November too! Don’t miss this Valentine’s energy!


Until next month… spread a little fun and laughter… and love!