Janet is a Master Numerologist – numbers to her are like the ABC to others.  On an intuitive level, they convey to her patterns about a person’s life – not just the normal, or even advanced numerology, but as though the numbers whisper to her the codes reflected in a person’s energy field.  Intricate patterns of information that she perceives in a kaleidoscope of images that unfold.

With Janet this is not a learned skill, it is a soul urge that finds expression through her dance with numbers.  It is intimate and very real.  A soul urge to connect the dots of a person’s existence – to make sense of it, and the gift of an overview and possibilities of applying insights to future choices enmeshed in time, to ensure a flow of energy, events, and an unfoldment of every individual’s own wonderful path.  Johanna Greyling, Specialised Kinesiologist, Pretoria